Tim Johnson, known for his hair, fashion, and beauty prowess, is the owner of Tim Johnson International salon and spa in Raleigh, North Carolina. Since convincing his mother to sponsor his enrollment in cosmetology school, the rest, as they say, is history: he has been a formidable force in the hair, fashion, and beauty industry for 27 years.


To build his business, he built quality relationships with the hairstylists admired, offering to sweep floors, take out trash, run errands and after a while, shampoo for them. “I was determined that no matter the obstacles, I wanted to do this and I was going to be one of the best.”


To date, Tim has owned and operated eight salons, having built most from the ground up, using his own capital. He’s also served as a commentator, emcee, and a spokesperson for some of the largest beauty and hair companies in the industry such as Bronner Brothers, Mizani, Pantene, and Red Pro. Not one to rest on his laurels, he has planned and participated in some of the largest beauty, hair and fashion shows in the nation such as BET’s Rip the Runway, Radio One’s Women’s Empowerment, and the Bronner Brothers, Inc.’s International Hair & Fashion Show.


Recently, he expanded his reach to include model management and development area.  His list of models who have filtered through “Fashion Addicts Model Network” and who have been signed by major agencies have appeared in various forms of print and visual media (i.e. music videos, magazine ads, movies, television) are numerous.


His passion for the industry and commitment to the success of others have led him to serve as a mentor to many other stylists and entrepreneurs through “Tim Johnson’s Advanced Training Center”, with industry classes and seminars. He is also a motivational speaker for a myriad of events, and holds teleseminars as well.


Tim sums up his life experience this way: “The lessons I learned so many years ago while I was sweeping the floors, taking out the trash, shampooing and running errands was, “He who is least…shall be greatest.” (Luke 9:48b)




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